Guy Forest, Jean Gagné and Paul Gagné founded Pyritest (now Multitest) in 1999. The company’s mission was to help all parties involved in real estate transactions with pyrite-related issues. Paul Gagné decided to withdraw after a few months and returned to his real estate brokerage activities.

Advice and innovation

We soon noticed that many real estate transactions were falling through because of misunderstandings about pyrite. Our approach consisted of providing explanations and advice to customers in terms they could understand, thus helping them to make informed decisions on buying, selling and proceeding with work, etc. This advisory role has helped many people and we have continued to apply this approach with all the tests we offer today. This is what we have built our reputation upon.

Mindful of the importance of tight deadlines in real estate transactions, we have innovated in our approach to pyrite testing since the very beginning. Thanks to our initiatives, we cut down the amount of time required to obtain pyrite test results from five, to two and then one business days. We were also the first to produce a preliminary pyrite report the day following the test. This was an incredibly fast turnaround at the time! We continue to provide clients with fast service for all our tests.

Quick to innovate with breakthroughs, it is thanks to Pyritest, that a powerful vacuum equipment is used in place of manual methods for backfill sampling.

Widening our scope from pyrite to other types of tests

Since 2004, we have added vermiculite testing, asbestos material testing, phase I, II and III soil testing and iron ochre testing. To ensure quality testing, we work with experienced engineers, geologists and chemists.

Pyritest was officially renamed Multitest in 2011 to reflect the wide variety of tests now offered.


Nicolas Forest, the son of Multitest president Guy Forest, joined the team in the fall of 2013 with the goal of eventually taking the reins of the company. He acquired the shares of the retiring Jean Gagné on May 1, 2015, thereby becoming the co-owner and vice-president of Multitest.

December 2016, Nadège Tollari, hired as a project manager by Multitest in August 2015, acquires the major part of the shares of Guy Forest, therefore becoming shareholder and vice-president of Multitest. In February 2023, Nicolas decided to pursue other projects while Guy took a full and well-deserved retirement. They sold all their shares to Nadège Tollari and Krystel Segura, project manager since 2016 and a leader in the asbestos tests development in the company.

Our goals

Multitest now offers more than seven different types of tests. Our goals remain the same: offer competitive prices, impeccable quality, and fast turnaround times to meet the demanding deadlines required for real estate transactions and advice before, during and after your tests.