Multitest is fortunate to have a young, environmentally aware team. This is why we are aware of how important it is to limit our environmental footprint. The decisions that we make every day and our operations are all in keeping with our desire to protect the environment. These are just a few of the initiatives we are particularly proud of… and its only the beginning!


Our consumables are essentially comprised of paper products (white paper, paper towels, etc.) and plastic (protective clothing, gloves, Ziploc bags, etc.). Thus, following the mitigation hierarchy, our actions have been largely centred on reducing the use of these two raw materials, followed by reusing and recycling. Buying in bulk also helps to reduce packaging and transportation waste. As a result, we have adapted our storage capacity at our offices.

We have also put in place an organic waste recovery system for composting.

Nos engagements envers l’environnement - RÉDUCTION DE NOTRE CONSOMMATION


Our brilliant team is not the only source of illumination at our offices… we also rely on LED lighting. In order to reduce our energy use, we have adopted more eco-friendly and responsible habits. For example, all lights are turned off daily, office heating is controlled and adjusted according to the time of day and company vehicles are chosen for their fuel efficiency.


Multitest’s commitment also extends to its partners and suppliers. We work with local suppliers who provide a wide range of goods and services, from test analyses to office furniture and coffee. In addition to helping to support the local economy, this reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from transporting various goods.


Multitest has renewed its vehicle fleet over the past three years. We took the opportunity to select more fuel-efficient vehicles. Instead of gas-guzzling trucks, we have purchased smaller, more economical vehicles for our technicians performing tests that need to carry around bulky equipment. All our vehicles receive regular maintenance for maximum fuel economy. Our technicians’ daily route plans are designed to minimize the distances travelled between appointments.

Employees do their part too! Many of them use public transit and carpooling. Some of them have electric vehicles, which has prompted us to install a charging station at our offices.

Nos engagements envers l’environnement - TRANSPORT